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Building, Enhancing, and Restoring Indiana’s best-known Structures


1945 - 1966

The Glenroy Company was formed in 1945 as a general partnership between Roy L. VanArsdall and Glenn Yowler.  Mr. VanArsdall had previously served as a real estate representative for the Shell Oil Co.  Mr. Yowler was a bricklayer.  The firm’s early focus was on the construction of service stations throughout Indianapolis.   In 1949, the firm built an office at 450 South Ritter Avenue (still home to the Glenroy Construction Co.).  The office was subsequently expanded seven times. 


In 1952, Mr. VanArsdall acquired the entire firm from Mr. Yowler and incorporated it, forming the Glenroy Construction Co., Inc.  He shifted the company’s focus from service stations to include the construction of homes (including the Eagledale neighborhood) and commercial projects (including Eagledale Plaza Shopping Center).

1967 - 1994

In 1967, Jesse N. Jones, III was elected president of the company and Mr. VanArsdall moved to the chairman.  During this period, Glenroy stopped residential building and expanded into large-scale projects (such as schools, hospitals, convention centers, etc.).  Mr. VanArsdall died in September 1986 and Mr. Jones became the sole shareholder of the company. 

1995 to Present

In 1995, C. Lane Slaughter was named president of the Glenroy Construction Co., Inc.  Mr. Jones moved into the role of chairman, fully retiring in 1999.  Mr. Jones died in August, 2011.


In 1997, James L. Kojetin was named Secretary of the company.  Mr. Slaughter and Mr. Kojetin continue to own and operate the firm today as joint-partners with Mr. Slaughter overseeing office operations and Mr. Kojetin overseeing field operations.


Mission Statment

Since 1945, the Glenroy Construction Co. has constructed, enhanced, and restored many of Indiana’s most well-known structures.  We take pride in constructing and restoring buildings that are of lasting value to our community, the environment, and future generations.  We know that future cures for illness will be discovered in the research facilities we have built.  We are certain that future leaders will gain knowledge in the schools, colleges, and university with whom we have worked.  We know that children will be born, patients will be cured, and comfort will be found in the hospitals and clinics now occupied by our clients.  Finally, we are certain that jobs will be kept and created; products will be manufactured, stored and shipped, and research and development will thrive in the buildings our clients now use.


To this end, we are committed to being good stewards of the environment; active in community affairs; utilizing the best quality materials and methods; keeping and training the best crafts’ people; maintaining a safe project site and training our team in safety; utilizing construction means and methods that create the least possible inconvenience to the public; maintain a clean, neat, and tidy project site; treating our employees, subcontractors, vendors, consultants, clients and the public with integrity, respect, and above all fairness; and becoming a good neighbor in every community in which we work.   


Major Clients

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About Us

Recently we were described by an architect as “one of the last of the

traditional general contractors.” He referenced this to our willingness to bid a

firm price deliver a one of kind building by a specific date from a set of

someone else’s drawings and specifications. Assuming all the unknown risks

and variables of the elements we provide a bonded responsibility to the

owner that they will receive this end result of our talent and experience. We

like this reference. Since 1945, we have earned a reputation we are proud of

we are tough competitors.

Community Involvement 

  • Member, Associated General Contractors of North America (AGC)

  • Member, Indiana Construction Roundtable (ICR)

  • Member, Indiana Construction Association (ICA)

  • Member, Indiana Plan for Equal Employment

  • Member, Better Business Bureau

  • Member, Coalition for Construction Safety

  • Friends of Irvington Circle Contributor

  • Historic Irvington Halloween Festival Contributor

  • Anna’s Celebration of life Contributor

  • Brownsburg Community School Corporation Contributor

  • Friends of the Indiana War Memorial Contributor  


Contact Us


450 South Ritter Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46219

Phone: 317-359-9501

Fax: 317-352-7115



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 317-359-9501 or fill out the following form

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C. Lane Slaughter        President

James L. Kojetin          General Superintendent

Vickie Templeton         Controller

Tyler Copeland             Project Manager

Chase Slaughter           Project Manager

Kurt Wells                    Project Manager

Kenny Wells                 Project Manager

Carla Haston                Administrative Assistant

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